Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Public Relations Careers @ Waggener Edstrom

Sorry for the lack of attention to my blog. Many of our PR clients have their fiscal year change during mid summer and staffing really picks up. We have several PR roles available in the NW so I thought I would post them to my blog. If you know anybody in PR and think they might be interested please feel free to pass the word along.

Account Executive-Waggener EdstromSeattle

Waggener Edstrom, also popularly known as Wag-Ed, is hiring four (4) public relations account executives. These positions are located in the Seattle metro area. At Wagged, an account executive is a pivotal role within our agency. What do I mean by this? You ARE the daily driver on our key accounts. Some of these accounts include Microsoft, T-Mobile, AMD, Boeing, GE and many other clients that are changing the way we work and live everyday. As an AE on one of these accounts you will have opportunity to work with some of the top marketing minds in the world and advise them on their PR needs. At Wagged you will have the support and tools necessary to deeply immerse yourself in your client’s business. You will be guided and mentored by stellar PR pros. You will be encouraged to absorb the world around you, to know what’s happening in the most remote corners on earth and then to see and understand how your clients fit in. It will be your inherent responsibility to tell their story in a way that transcends cultures and continents. We don’t just put on catchy events and bombard the media with worthless stories. We partner with our clients on one of the most important areas of doing business of this millennium, strategic communications!

We are looking for people that want to be involved in helping tell the story of innovation, science and technology in this important time in history. We want you to be curious about the world. You don’t need to have all the answers. You do need to have some experience in Public Relations. We will be putting you in front of some of the top marketing minds in the world. You will be expected to learn their business, know their influential landscape inside and out, their competitors, and the market in which they operate. You will apply your PR knowledge against their threats, weaknesses and opportunities and WOW them with your smart and innovative approach to doing PR. You will guide and mentor a small team of individuals working with you to achieve these results. You will be a leader.

Specifically we are looking for 4-6 years of PR, media relations, analyst relations or marketing communications experience. Your experience could come from an agency or in-house role but it’s important that you are involved with external communications and/or media relations. You have to have a passion for technology, innovation or science. We look at these areas broadly. We will relocate you from anywhere in the country if you are offered one of these roles. So talk to us; see if this is you! Come hike Mt. Rainier, buy a fish from Pike Place Market or explore the San Juan Islands! Then come to work at Wagged on Monday and help put a voice on some of the world’s most profound innovations!

So tell us your story! E-mail your resume to stevef@wagged.com.

Senior Account Executive-Waggener EdstromSeattle

As a Senior Account Executive at Waggener Edstrom you are not just an up-and-coming leader; you are a leader! This responsibility is held at the highest regard by your peers and agency leaders and comes with a set of profound responsibilities. As a leader at Waggener Edstrom you have become ultra self-aware, you lead by example and foster innovation, curiosity, passion, integrity and respect amongst your team. At this point in your career you know what it takes to earn the respect of your clients as an expert in the field of PR. You are a master of relationships and understand the intricacies of the influential landscape that you live and operate in. PR is no longer a function of a plan that has been handed to you. You now look through a lens that spans continents and cultures and you apply this perspective in a way that enables your clients to share their passion for discovery and innovation in a very powerful way. Your passion for innovation and PR is viral!

We have two Senior Account Executive roles available in the Northwest. We are open to candidates located in both Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington metro areas. If you are interested in exploring one of these roles further tell us your unique story. We want to hear about your passion for innovation and examples from your five to eight years of experience in the field of Public Relations. We also want to know about your ability to proactively craft and shape stories and your ability to operate with grace in crisis situations. Tell us how you worked with your clients and helped to give their ideas a powerful voice. We want to know!

Our people and our clients come before all else at Waggener Edstrom. We understand that our value is derived from the minds of our employees. Our benefit package is designed to offer Waggener Edstrom employees opportunities to develop their expertise and continually hone their PR skills. In addition we offer strong compensation packages and excellent healthcare benefits. We believe our employees should get the support they need so they can focus on what they love to do—INNOVATIVE COMMUNICATION!!

So tell us your story! E-mail your resume to stevef@wagged.com.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Classic Contractor Lines....

Sorry for the lack of attention to my blog. I have to say that I highly respect those that maintain their full time jobs and write on their blogs daily. When things heat up in recruiting there is no time to spare--none! Even if we worked 24 hours a day our jobs will never be done.

Okay--so with a little more levity I present you this. One of my colleagues was looking through our recruiting database last night and found an old candidate correspondence from one of our ex-contract recruiters. This recruiter was classic--we had some good times working with him. He used terms like "smiling and dialing" and "good old fashion". He was a crack up! He was a good recruiter though and got the job done. We found an old e-mail that he sent to a candidate and we all had a laugh. I figured why not share it with the world. Here you go--typos and all. You may want to use this one sometime--it's a true classic!

Good morning. In this economy a little time away is ok. Send my your resume and I'll run It up the flag poke and see if anyone salutes.