Saturday, May 23, 2009

Germany to Vegas to Portland

What a ride! The last few months have been like setting up your cube in the center of a Nine Inch Nails concert and head banging while researching, building strategies, presenting, facilitating, touring, fixing issues, recruiting, pitching, project managing etc. Just non-stop action! And I wouldn't have it any other way...and in between all of this spending time with the fam, friends and keeping up with my voracious reading habit!...

I don't understand people with quiet lives. Not that I have anything against them I just couldn't imagine my life like that. Calmly going to work at the same time everyday, leaving at the same time, eating dinner at the same time. Just doing your job and not making noise or pissing off a person or two in order to push the status quo. I think I would cease to live at that point--so instead...

I took on 3 massive projects...

Global Career Site: Launching one of the most state of the art corporate career sites in the world on June 15th--has taken a year and a half to build, Global collaboration, massive stakeholder buy-in, athlete and employee coordination, thousands of lines of copy editing, CI reviews, etc. Hundreds of hours, early morning calls to Germany and late nights have gone into this. Worth it? Every second of it. Why? Because it's not just doing a job but helping build a top organization. That is satisfying!

Project Managed US Engagement Survey and Action Committees: Launched and Marketed survey to 3000 employees, Collaborated with our global vendor and project managers from other regions, identified demographic breakdown, worked with leadership to communicate results and helped launch action committees as well as participating on the Careers action committee. Coordinating findings with global colleagues to build consistency in how we address engagement. Worth it? Every Second. Why? Getting feedback first hand from our workforce is empowering. Working to build a top organization through engagement is priceless.

Rebuilding US Onboarding Experience: Working with a project manager to rebuild our US onboarding experience. Why? Because the first project is to bring in the best and the brightest people, the second project is to ensure they are engaged and high performing while they are here, and onboarding ensures they get connected to the organization in the right way, from the beginning. Onboarding isn't a day signing up for benefits but an experience overtime to connect employees with the organization, the brand and their team. Worth it? Without a doubt. Why? Because I manage recruiting but recruiting alone doesn't build top organizations and I view the role of recruiting as organization builders--not role fillers.

But wait...there is also the day job:

--Filling positions
--Building Pipelines
--Building out Web 2.0 and Advertising/Marketing Strategies
--Participating in Management Development Program
--Building Microsites
--Fixing and Developing New Recruitment Processes
--Participating in Best Employer PR Strategy
--Giving Feedback on eRecruiting Strategy and Tactics
--Pulling Metrics for Leadership when needed
--Helping Manage Affirmative Action planning
--Participating in Global HR Engagement Action Team
--Just got back from Vegas--Speaking Event at Recruiting Conference
--Recently back from Germany; presentations to 7 countries
--Facilitated Root Cause analysis session for internal team
--Hosted multiple Universities and Tours over the past few months
--Working on a couple of partnerships and class visits with key universities

I'm sure I'm missing a few but I'll save those for a future post..

Worth every hour put into it? Yes!!!!

You live once and you get to the impact the world once....I wouldn't give it up for anything.

So...that's what's going on in my world at adidas these days. We do a lot but then again...I can be churning on widgets on a confabulator and watching the clock everyday. Not in this lifetime!

Impossible is Nothing!