Friday, August 10, 2007

Adidas HQ and Cool Kicks Vids

So I've been at adidas for almost two months now and I just got back from Germany after visiting the adidas HQ. I'm even more psyched about the company now! The World of Sports headquarters is located near a small village in Germany called Herzogenaurach. This place is SWEET! The people at HQ were awesome. They were super charged, energetic--their passion for sports was amazing. While I was there I played softball, kickball (for kicks), and was invited to play ultimate frisbee. There is literally something going on every minute. I also had meetings with team members from around the globe. You truly get a sense of what a global organization adidas is when you visit their headquarters.

I also found some killer old school adidas videos on YouTube. I figured I would share some of them on my blog. Enjoy!