Sunday, April 29, 2007

Authentic Advertising

I came across this Adidas Ad on a blog and thought it was a very clever way to show authenticity and leadership with a print advertisement....

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Creative Resumes

When I first started in recruiting I was trained to look past the flashiness of resumes and screen for experience and skill. This training carried through my first few roles. When I started recruiting in the PR industry I came across resumes that were highly creative and memorable. I ran one of them by a senior member of my group and she asked me if I was going to reach out to the candidate. I said I wasn't sure because the candidate didn't have much experience in the area I was hiring for. She asked me if creativity was important for the type of person I typically hire. I said of course. She asked me why I wouldn't then at least talk to this person. Duh...she obviously had a good point. So I did and I ended up being very impressed. This is when I took a 360 when it came to creative resumes. The candidates that do this stand out to me, they break through noise and they leave a lasting impression whether they are hired or not.

I included some pictures of resumes that I have received. These aren't all of them by any means. I received a resume that was created on top of a cake using frosting. We hired this person and he is a high performing employee. I was also sent a resume that was folded into a pyramid and then had another copy crumpled in a ball in the center. One candidate sent me her shoe with a note saying if the shoe fits… I have also received some interesting thank you cards. One was hand made and had our team logo on it with a piece of gum taped to the inside—it said, “Here is something to chew on while you consider my candidacy.”

If you are going to create one you do need to have an understanding of your audience. If you are an accountant interviewing with one of the Big 5’s you probably don’t want to send one of these. If you are applying at an ad agency you are probably pretty safe. The rest most likely fall somewhere in between so proceed at your own risk. If you apply for a role with me though….you will probably capture my interest.