Friday, March 17, 2006

Show Up!

The ERExpo this year was energizing! It seems that more and more organizations are adopting practices that have been a direct result of the presentations from these events over the past several years. I’ve always been amazed at how many poor recruiting practices exist. I spoke to many attendees this year who are really starting to raise the bar in our profession. For those of you that read my blog and have not attended an ERExpo you need to. I’m convinced that many of the best recruiters in the industry attend this event. One of the other observations I’ve made is that business leaders (in general) understand the importance of talent. You may say—duh, of course, but I don’t think our business leaders understood talent in way they should—they see it as imperative for survival now. I also believe this is a result of recruiting and HR professionals putting meaningful information in front of them. This is an exciting time in the history of recruiting because more eyes, from the world’s top business leaders, will be on us. We will be looked at to help business succeed and will be held in the same regard as other business leaders if we do our job well. If you are not attending events like this, connecting with leaders in the industry and learning you will put yourself at a major disadvantage. I will be writing more about some of the highlights from this years event. Stay Tuned!

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Jimmy Dow said...

Just discovered your blog. Back into Technical Recruiting after 28 years as a software developer. Quite a shock to my old system -- It should not have been, I've been a "Human Capital Asset" in recent years.

So, what is going on out there? On the innovation side, it appears you and a few others are being innovative. I've enjoyed my initial reading of your blog. I'm looking anywhere to soak up learning from others in HR that are innovative and critical thinkers: not following all the latest trends.