Monday, June 11, 2007

Required Transportation

Scooters are pretty much required transportation living in Portland, Oregon. I've wanted one for a while and I finally broke down last weekend and couldn't resist anymore. I bought a Buddy (I know, I know...not the most masculine sounding vehicle) which is manufactured by Genuine Scooter. Genuine Scooter also manufactures the classic Stella pictured below.

So I gave away a Vespa a few years back for a contest I put together at work. The guys at Vespa Portland let me borrow a scooter to keep in our lobby until we had the giveaway. They also let us put up one of their retro vinyl banners. They had since moved their shop to 23rd and I happened to be walking down the street last weekend and all of their shiny new scooters caught my eye. This guy named Justin works there on the weekend which is the guy that loaned me the scooter for our giveaway. The dude knows his stuff about scooters and after talking with him it was clear that I needed at least 125cc's. This thing goes 60 mph and gets over 100 mpg. It is a sweet ride! So now I work a few miles from home and I can ride my bike, jog or take my scooter into work...or I can take my scooter over the St. John's bridge and ride through Forest Park. I'm also thinking there needs to be an equivalent of Sturgis for scooters. Stay tuned for that one!

P.S. You can find Vespa Portland at and they are located on 808 NW 23rd Ave.

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brazilian said...

scooter rallys happen every weekend practically. and there are a couple 'sturgis'' for vespas throughout the year. you'll hook up with them soon enough. in the meantime i think you might enjoy going on a rally ride -

here is a guy who does it:

and here is one of his urls:

they are a fun rad on the edge off the hook bunch o folk.

tell him kona sent you.