Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Join the Red Ball Movement

I knew adidas had a culture built around sport and living the brand but I never realized how deep this passion ran. It's pervasive everywhere you turn at adidas. At lunchtime the halls are empty and the building becomes quiet. The steets, the fields, the courts, the fitness center, the trails are teaming with adidas employees though. One guy on my team runs six miles at lunch, showers, eats and is back at his desk within an hour. One girl bikes 28 miles into work and often swims or jogs after work. These aren't the exceptions either, they are the norm. The organization stands for team, for healthy lifestyle and for helping people win. We even look at how sport can assisant in humanitarian efforts.

So what do you ask is the Red Ball Movement? This is a movement supported by the Adi Dassler Fund to support the international humanitarian organization Right to Play. The Adi Dassler Fund was founded to support organizations that connect children with coaches who teach life values in addition to sport. When you purchase a red mini ball you will be able to support the Right To Play organization. They are cool little red soccer balls--I bought two of them for my kids and they loved them.

If you want to support the organization go to any adidas retail store and you can't miss them!


Iris said...

Hi Steve,

I'm a recent college grad. I ran into this blog while searching about Adidas. I'm interested in working for Adidas but I'm not much of an athlete. Sign. Does that mean I wouldn't have a chance at Adidas and that I won't fit in? :(

Steve said...

Steve -- Would like to touch base to do some networking to enable me to return to the Pacific Northwest. Do you have a current e-mail? Or... you can reach me at carldombek(at)sbcglobal(dot)net (in the event the blog screens for e-mail addresses.

Scott Mizée npGREENWAY said...

Reading your comment about people out running at lunch makes me even more passionate about getting the North Portland Greenway built. We should get together for coffee or lunch or something sometime to talk. It sounds like we both are really busy, but I think it would be worth it for us. Scott Mizee