Wednesday, April 02, 2008

My Favorite adidas Commercials

I'm working on a website project for adidas and I've been reviewing some of my favorite adidas commercials that I feel convey our brand spirit and the energy of working for adidas.  Below are some of these commercials.  Let me know what you think.  What is your favorite and why?


Fran said...
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ravel said...


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Anonymous said...

Hi Steve,

First off, thanks for this awesome blog. I have an interview with Adidas tomorrow and being able to hear about what it's really like to work for Adidas (the inside scoop, if you will) makes me all the more excited for it. Your passion for the brand is evident and drips through the writing -- I love it! I'm no commercial expert, but I really like the first commercial. I think it's great because it shows such diversity and is so empowering to remind us to take charge and achieve our goals, be ourselves. It's really well done and seems so inspirational to me and reminds us that sports can range from Olympic tennis to playing soccer with your friends.

Thanks again for the insights and hopefully I'll be able to see you in the Portland office soon!


Alyssa said...

Hey Steve,

My phone interview went great, but unfortunately the in-person not so hot -- I got nervous and they decided to "move forward with other candidates" (my favorite token term). But thanks for checking in; I'll be on the lookout for additional opportunities in the future.


MelodyMaker said...

I'm hoping on the off-chance that you may have seen an Adidas commercial with Andre Agassi that was aired in Europe (I'm not sure if it was aired in the U.S. or not) It was filmed in South Florida probably over 10 years ago. It featured Agassi wearing a baseball cap backwards and having a giant hand come down from the sky and twist it back around.. Everyone in the crowds was running up the bleachers from the giant hand.. I was in that commercial and have been looking to see if I could find a copy of it. I think it would have been a great Adidas commercial too! I just googled "Adidas Commercials" and found your blog..

If you find it.. I'd really appreciate it if you could send a link or any info to:

Thanks alot!