Monday, June 23, 2008

adidas Design Studios

To all those interested in footwear and apparel design the adidas design team created a site where you can meet the designers. It's pretty cool because this is the first time they have opened the team up like this to the outside world. Feel free to check it out @


David said...

Steve it's great to see adidas take this step. In today's world it can be easy for people to feel disconnected to big brands. I really see projects like these adding a human element to the brand that athlete endorsements can not. How can you give international brand a "local shop" feel? I think this is one way of doing that.

Thelonious said...

hi steve,

it's good for designers. helps lessen the feeling of a resume black-hole i read about on meritocracy. i like the design academy too. it's exciting.

i sent you a linkedin invite - but i'm not used to using that site - thought i'd leave a note here too.

trying to get a job at adidas. just started looking.

got an email from andrew s. trying to hook me up with a design manager in brand. maybe some freelancing.

any advice + assistance appreciated. be glad to send you a pdf of my book.

did you wear the swimsuit to adidas? i was at waggener for the blink of an eye.

i liked the video (blow) about athletes doing artwork. you can't make that stuff up. like the gilbert arenas (zero) story about being on the bench. nice. the artwork is interesting too - and also an intelligent sports campaign.

that's what i like about adidas. it's smart. we could all use more of that.


Thelonious said...

video (below) about