Thursday, July 21, 2005

Is it the Next Great Weapon?

Michael Homula wrote an article on “The Next Great Weapon on the War for Talent

I didn’t particularly find anything new in this article but I’m always interested to hear what folks in our field have to say about secret weapons.

Some highlights he mentions are:

  • The movement from candidate tracking to CRM. This is something that I have written about several times and I do agree that this is key. It’s sort of the buzz on the street right now and those that are good at managing the relationships will lead. There is no question in my mind about this.
  • He talks about referrals—I don’t even need to go here. We all know that this is key! Nothing new… Companies that don’t have good referral programs are living in the dark ages.
  • He also mentions presentation. This I thought was interesting. Of course this seems obvious but it’s amazing how some people present themselves. We did a training at our agency called “Brand Me”. We really took a good look at the perception of ourselves that we were projecting. Most people think they know what they are like but they don’t really have a clue. Most people a very self-UNAWARE! I get calls from sales people and often I hear this relaxed, deep, male voice. Often times it’s a voice that is trying to convey confidence, someone that has been around the block, calm and smooth. These messages drive me nuts!! Have some energy. It doesn’t impress me that you are calm and smooth and comfortable. Be excited, have new ideas, be passionate. I agree 100% with Michael here.

I don’t know if Michael portrayed the next best thing. What I do think he told is that the things we are already doing—we better do them well!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your comments and kind words on my article on ERE today.

You are 100% correct, there is nothing really new in this article at all. At least nothing that great recruiters don't already know and practice.

In part, that was my point.

The title of the article, "The Next Great Weapon in the War for Talent" was really designed to draw attention to the article and get recruiters, recruiting leaders and those of us who have been in the industry for longer than the last 5 years to re-focus on the "blocking and tackling". Call it a return to the fundamentals.

It's the Recruiting, Stupid!

Recruiting has far too often been distracted by the allure of new tools, new technology, new software etc. that the real art and craft have been lost.

Anyway, thanks for commenting!


Steve Fogarty said...

I totally agree. We get the biggest bang for out buck with the “block and tackling” and I agree that all the new gadgety tools out there aren’t going to solve all of our problems. I think the other huge element on the relationship piece are recruiting coordinators. In a corporate setting they have a lot of contact with the candidates and if they create a world class experience you will be one step closer to a hire. We hear all the time from our exec level candidates that it was how they were treated in the process that made difference.

Thanks for the note and the clarification Michael!

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