Monday, July 18, 2005

My First Jobster Campaign

I feel like a little kid back from summer break and about to get on the school bus for my first day back to school. My brand new jeans are crisp and still have the store pressed creases; I have my brand new backpack filled with school supplies and my bagged lunch filled with the essentials of elementary dining.

Ayh, scraaaatch that....I don't have the anxiety associated with a first day of school because Jobster made it pretty darn easy for me to sit behind my computer screen and build my network. I'm posting my first campaign to my blog because I'm pretty proud of the tools that Jobster has available. They just make it easy. If you are interested check out Wagged's first campaign below. And hey, if you know any good PR people…..

Waggener Edstrom is hiring!

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scenic said...

do you already have success with jobster?

Steve Fogarty said...

We just started using the tool and are starting to see some prospects come in. It's still too early to tell.

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