Thursday, July 07, 2005

Vertical What?

All of the hoopla about vertical job search doesn’t make much sense to me. Vertical search does. So the major search engines are getting into vertical search—jobs, shopping, etc… Yahoo was already in vertical markets with hotjobs—they just didn’t have an entire web based job search. In terms of anything revolutionary in recruiting—give me a break! It’s just another Flipdog rip off. It’s nothing new. Indeed does it, Flipdog did it and now Yahoo. Big deal!

What would be more impressive to me is to see the job boards tap deeper into vertical industry. For instance—I’m in PR. How could the job boards dig down deeper into this particular industry to target the people I need? It gets back to push versus pull. With Flipdog, Indeed and now Hotjobs this allows the candidate to search half a bazillion jobs—there is still only one candidate qualified for maybe one of those jobs. So ultimately—how does this solve our business problem? It’s nice to have but I’m not convinced of anything revolutionary here—in terms of job search.


Dave said...

we've been working on several new features to enhance the vertical search offering at, specifically:
* 'who do i know' integration via LinkedIn
* Netflix-style 5-star ratings for ranking/bookmarking job listings
* MyJobs enables Flickr-style note-taking a la Flickr across multiple sites
* our trademark: quirky error messages

for more on the vertical search revolution, checkout info from the Vertical Leap conference we hosted, and our Top 10 Rules for Vertical Revolutionaries slides.

- dave mcclure

Obi Igbokwe said...

Dear Steve, I do agree with you, while sites like SimplyHired are really cool and useful, there is a place for sites that offer more vertical searches, which is why our company has developed two sites that do just that.

Biohealthmatics for jobs in the Biotech and Health IT industry

HealthCareerNet - for jobs in the health care industry.

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