Friday, May 20, 2005


There was a post on the blog today about the monotony of keeping up with the blogosphere….that it's hard to keep up with your own blog let alone the 9 million that are out there. I actually thought the same thing when this whole blogging thing started--but then there is Google which enables you to sort out the good from the bad. Well…at least some of the top viewed sites from the least viewed.

Google your blogging flavor and you will come up with some of the best. Then it's a matter of weeding through these...doing a little monitoring and fine tuning it for the most influential. You wouldn't read all the blogs out there just like you wouldn’t read the 10's of thousands of publications that are out there. You pick the ones that you get the most reliable information from and those that are in your range of interest.

I do believe there are some great ideas out there. This is similar to the media. Should we assume that the media is better than the bloggers? When you have people dying in Iraq and the headlines on some of the publications are focused on the Michael Jackson trials you really have to wonder. Just because there are big advertising dollars behind something doesn’t mean it’s good.

Also—the media are outside. Bloggers are inside. This gives us a whole new perspective on corporations from people that work there. We of course need to beware of the infomercials out there but so far the best bloggers are presenting fair arguments just like the rest of the media.
My vote is that blogs are good. They are just too new for us to completely grasp. 10 years ago could you have ever imagined being on the phone, browsing the web, working in several applications, e-mailing and IM’ing simultaneously? This is now the day and the life of GenX’ guess is that blogging will soon be the same way.


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