Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Too Much Junk Food Man

Now "too much junk food man" implies that I just eat lots and lots of junk food during the day. This isn’t the case--well, there is more to the story here. I hit this energy lull from just before noon until about 3pm. There is an absolute energy lag and I need to constantly supply myself with nutrition. Now the reason I call myself I junkie is because I prefer to swipe and mooch the snacks off of my colleagues as opposed to buying my own. Call it denial, or call it what you will. I just have to do it.

My colleagues don’t get it. They don’t get why I don’t just go to the store and pick up my own snacks. Here is the scoop. If I go buy the snacks that means I’m admitting that I have a problem. That doesn’t feel good. I would rather think I don’t need all of this food and then just “borrow” the occasional granola bar to keep me going. Also, it’s just fun to hear your colleagues complain about mooching their food. They probably get a little annoyed with this but why not give people something to complain about during the day that doesn’t relate to tough clients or losing good candidates. It’s nice to have some harmless conflict every once in a while.

Now they have started to lock their drawers when they go on business trips which makes the act of “borrowing munchies” even more taboo—and of course this makes it just that more tempting. They cause me to have to go on covert munchie missions in between sourcing and phone screens.

I’m a recruiting, caffeinated, sugar junkie. The life of the recruiter….can anybody relate? By the way, Too Much Coffee Man is my idle! Too Much Coffee Man


Heather said...

This doesn't tell the full story - it isn't an occassional granola bar, it is a daily granola bar. I think he uses the food as an excuse and really just wants to come and visit me!

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