Thursday, May 26, 2005

TV Blogging

There was an interesting article in this week’s issue of Newsweek around the future of television. Steven Levy wrote a piece around the technology and Conan O’Brien did a commentary around the television now and in the future. It’s a good article.

The most interesting part of it to me was the concept of tv blogging. It never really occurred to me that this would be a reality in the future. However, when you take into consideration that all TV is becoming digital, interactive TV will eventually be rolled out to the masses, thousands of networks and channels will be available to us and with continuous improvement of bandwidth we will be able to host our own television blogs.

In a way we are starting to see this with podcasts. But think about it, if the internet and TV have strong interoperability in the future then podcasts will run on your television. Then as bandwidth continues to improve you will be able to run full length video on your website which people will be able to view on their TV. The article also discussed TV on every platform and every device. So not only will we be able to broadcast to TV sets but we will also be able to broadcast to cell phones and other devices.

It makes me wonder who will be the pioneers of tv blogging?


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