Friday, May 20, 2005

Blogosphere--The New 60 Minutes Test

Most of us have heard of the 60 Minutes test. It's actually a great filter to have for ourselves before we make a statement to a group or take a stance on an issue. For those of you that haven't heard of this I will briefly explain.

I you are about to make an important decision or make a statement about an important issue think about how the public would react if you were to interviewed about your decision or statement on 60 minutes. Would the public agree? How would it be viewed? It's a good quick test to see if your decision might have negative backlash.

Our SVP of People Services (HR) was joking about watching what she says in the meeting because it could end up on my blog. It was funny but also true. In a way the blogosphere acts as the latest 60 minutes test. Except now instead of having one portal broadcasting nationally you have many, many portals broadcasting to targeted audiences. Also--this new media has a much better insider ear.

...and she was absolutely correct--it did end up on my blog.

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