Friday, June 10, 2005

The Job that Never Ends

It’s Friday. The day is almost over. Summer is almost here.

But I still need Account Executives!

You know, it’s funny. One of our Senior HR coordinators recently joined the recruiting team. She is overseeing our infrastructure staffing. At her second recruiting meeting she said that she was getting good traction with a few of her roles and should have several of them closed soon. I said great! We should have you take a few from some of the other recruiters to help out. She said, “well, let me just get the ones I have closed then I’ll take some of the others.” It made me chuckle. I asked, “do you think that’s how it works in recruiting?” We all had a laugh about this. Welcome to our world!

It makes you wonder…are there jobs out there where you can actually get all your work done for any given point in time. I wonder what that feels like?

I guess that’s what makes that special bond with us recruiters. Happy Friday Recruiting Friends!


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