Monday, June 06, 2005

Why Headhunt When You Can Psychometric?

There was yet another article, this one from John Sullivan, debating the approach of having candidates come to you versus we go to the candidate, “The Best Recruiting Strategy Is the "We Find You" Approach”. I still hold that this is not the best approach in all cases.

Let me give you one other example, Hollywood Video. They use a product from Unicru which allows them to set up kiosks in their retail outlets so candidates can apply while they are in the store. The goal would be to drive as much traffic as possible to these kiosks and allow Unicru’s psychometric tool to help narrow down the search. In this case you need to drive volume to the kiosks. The skill set needed is very general and broad. You would not hire a headhunter to research lists and cold call with this model.

I agree completely that recruiters should have “headhunting” skills. I just don’t buy that this is a one size fits all model. A headhunting style of recruiting will not work in every case. John Sullivan is still my hero. I just think this subject is multi-dimensional and only one side is being represented.

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