Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Monster and Microsoft Kick Ass!

It seems like every article and blog I read uses Monster as an example when criticizing job boards. Here’s the thing, job boards aren't the issue IT'S THE USERS!! Jobs boards are just one form of media. Just like billboards or TV or newspapers or any other form of media. Like any of these forms of media you need to know when to use them and be sure you are using them for the right reasons.

The way I view Monster is like Microsoft. The guys at Monster might disagree with this comparison but I happen to think Microsoft is a great company. There are so many people that bitch about Microsoft’s power, their competition practices...and on and on and on… Well let’s see….how many people that bitch about them use their products? If you don’t like them don’t use them. The fact is that Microsoft has allowed us to communicate around the globe on a similar platform. Are they perfect? No. Are they evil? No. They want to be the best just like any other company. If there were 5o companies creating operating systems what would interoperability look like today? I’m sure there are many people with opinions on this and I’ll see a few comments from the “I don’t like any big successful entity” people out there. But I really view these people as complainers. They are probably the same people that complain about logging and then live in a wood house. Go build a mud hut or come up with a better solution!

So what does this have to do with Monster? Well let me give you my opinion. If every job board was as successful as Monster then we would have to spend our money in multiple places rather than one that has the best market share. The bottom line is that they are one tool for us to use and a damn good one. Their brand is like 95% market penetration. Who can argue against that? If you think you can brand better than Monster let me know. Monster pretty much translates as Monster in most cultures. This wasn’t something they intended but just happened. Now I know you get a bazillion resumes when you post a job on Monster and many of them aren’t the right ones. In my opinion this is better than most. I would rather get two hundred resumes and have two or three that I can hire versus paying 600 dollars and getting five unqualified resumes. And believe me when I say I have done this before. Also, Monster has excellent customer service. These guys are a smart bunch of people. They aren’t a bunch of kids running a start up. They really care about our industry and where it’s heading.

Also, would you rather type up an ad, try to fit into a half inch column at some obscure cost per line, by a drop dead deadline or post an ad at any size, at anytime, with a clear cost, and your own branding from the convenience of anywhere in the world? (please excuse the run on or whatever the heck that was) Well this is what job boards have done for us. They have taken one form of media (newspapers) and modernized them for us. Monster has broad reach so people should consider Monster a branding tool. If you are out there headhunting yet have no jobs posted anywhere then some of the people you touch may be discouraged. You might call someone and they aren’t interested at that moment but you peaked their interest. If they go to Monster or your job site and see jobs posted they know you are hiring. This increases the chances of them applying.

Last, what is the ROI on Monster? To be honest, less than five percent of our hires come from Monster. But what we pay versus what we get makes it 100% worth it. We can pay more on one headhunter fee than our entire year long contract with Monster. It’s one tool, not an end all. Those that use it as an end all are the ones to criticize. The candidates that apply to every job on the planet should be the ones to criticize. But let me tell you something, Monster is out there working their asses off trying to make it better for all of us…and make some money at it. You can’t fault someone for that. So, I’m a Monster Defender! And I’m a Microsoft Defender! I don’t fault companies because they are successful and that kick the crap out of their competition. I respect them—I like bad ass companies!

Wait, wait…one last thing. Next time someone says a company like Microsoft is trying to take over the world go check out how much Bill Gates has donated to charity. No one on the planet has EVER donated as much as him. And why does he still work when he can buy a small country and retire there??? Ever wonder that? Because he loves what he does and is passionate about technology. Why don’t you go criticize the .com’ers! Most of them didn’t have a product to sell. They built a fluff brand only to be sold so they can retire at 30. What do they care about this world and making a difference? They only cared about themselves and we all paid for it. Before you jump on the bitching band wagon and start rattling off about a company because they are successful stop and think about it…..

Bring on the comments!!!!


jcheesman said...

How would you go about defending the poor stock performances of both these "successful," "kick ass" companies over the past several years?

Steve Fogarty said...

It's a good questions Joel.

I look at stock performance as only one element of a company’s success. I think you also have to look at profitability, market cap, leadership strength, innovation, customers/customer service, market share, cash flow and vision. These things need to be evaluated against their competitors. Do I think there are threats out there—you bet! Do I think they are perfect and all good—no way! No company is. But I think these two companies have helped make life better for everyone.

I think people are quick to just nod yes when folks criticize these companies without thinking about what they actually have done for us. We tend to be a society that criticizes the leaders while the underdogs can do no harm.

Recruiting Revolution

Dan said...

Steve - thanks for the kind words about Monster.

As someone who has worked at Microsoft and now works at Monster, I agree it's the people and commitment to customer intimacy that are driving forces behind the business.

At Monster, we recognize you have choices and are flattered that you consider us a viable recruitment solution.

Thanks for your business, and we will keep working hard to reward your loyalty.

Regards --


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