Thursday, June 16, 2005

Naked Interviewing

Oh, this one is good. I picked this up from the SHRM website. I don't have time to summarize because I need to jump into some panel interviews so I'm just going to paste the whole article. Enjoy! (By the way...I think I would have had to hire this guy for his creativity..ha, ha)

Probation for naked interviewer

Akbar was nude apart from a clipboard, the court heard a man who tried to conduct a job interview naked has been sentenced to three years' probation and placed on the sex offenders' register.

Glasgow Sheriff Court was told that Saeed Akbar, a manager at an interpreting and translation company, "had wanted a bit of excitement".

Sheriff Brian Lockhart described the behaviour as "wholly unacceptable".
Akbar, 35, left the interview room and came back in to speak to his female victim naked and clutching a clipboard.

When the job candidate refused to strip as well, he put his clothes on and attempted to continue the interview as normal, the court was told.

Akbar, from Fife, said: "I wanted a bit of excitement that afternoon, that's purely all it was."
'Safety fears' Passing sentence, Sheriff Lockhart said Akbar's partner had now left him, he had lost his job and his friends refused to associate with him.

Referring to the 25-year-old victim, he added: "I can really understand how the police report describes her as extremely distressed, intimidated and fearful for her personal safety.
"I understand that you now accept that she would not know your thoughts and appreciate that she did in fact, fear being harmed by you in a sexual manner.

I have to take into account the catastrophic effect this incident has had on your life
Sheriff Brian Lockhart "On the one hand, I have to take into account the distress which you caused your victim. "On the other hand, I have to take into account the catastrophic effect this incident has had on your life. You have suffered severely as a result of your actions."
The father-of-one, from Dunfermline had pleaded guilty to committing a breach of the peace.
He worked at Alpha Translating and Interpreting Services in Glasgow, which advertised for a translator.

'Role play' The woman answered the advert and was invited to attend an interview at the firm's Glasgow office the following day.

When she arrived, Akbar - who was held in "high esteem" by his company - asked if she would mind if they took their clothes off.

The £25,000 per-year executive tried to restart the interview after putting his clothes back on, but his victim fled and reported the matter to police.

He initially told police his strip was a consensual "role play" as part of his "tough interviewing technique".

Aamer Anwar, defending, said: "He totally accepts his guilt. It was a serious abuse of his position as he foolishly believed the complainer was interested in him."


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